PandaRC VT5801 V2 FPV Video Transmitter 5.8G 48CH 25/100/200/400/600mW Switchable OSD adjustable SMA VTX RC

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This FPV Video Transmitter (VTXs) from PandaRC is a good all-rounder and offers great value. The VTX itself is fairly small in size, lightweight (<9gram), has 48 channels including RaceBand, supports a wide voltage input (2-5S) and best of all it has an adjustable power output. The adjustable power output is its killer feature; it's like having multiple FPV transmitters in one. You can boast the power to 600mW to increase range and improve reception if you are flying around lots of obstacles. The power output and channel frequencies are easily set via a push button and LED display. The transmitter has a 5v output, so it's plug and play with most FPV cameras. Finally, another positive for this VTX is the good build quality of PandaRC products. This VTX features a large heat sink on the back of its power amplifier, which helps to keep the VTX cooler and the power output more stable.


  • Brand: PandaRC
  • Channel/Frequency/Power can be changed with one single button
  • Power Outputs: 25mW/ 100mW/ 200mW/ 400mW/ 600mW.
  • RP-SMA / MMCX antenna connector options
  • 48 channels / 6 Bands - includes Race Band channels
  • 5V On-board quiet switching regulator for FPV camera  
  • Flexible 7-24v (2s-5s input) 
  • Not affected by 2.4GHz R/C radios
  • Easy push-button channel selection
  • Support for Smart Audio


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