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JHEMCU Ruibet 2-6S LiPo Discharger Board XT30/XT60

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This is a lithium battery discharger, which also measures and displays the battery voltage. This has a built-in LED discharge indicator, two working modes, and can safely discharge a battery to storage voltage.

The default is 3.8V discharge mode, which discharges a battery to 3.8V for stable long-term storage. Supports 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S discharging.

The jumper can be switched to engage full discharge mode, this will completely drain the battery all the way down to 0.0 volts.


  • Battery interface: XT30/XT60
  • Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery / Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Number of battery cells: 2S - 6S
  • Indication Status: LED Display


  • 1x Battery Discharger
  • 1x 2P*2.54MM Jumper Switch