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TFL 32” 820mm Pursuit with Self-Righting & Integrated Drive System

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TFL fiberglass Pursuit. This boat comes assembled with all high quality equipment including CNC Aluminium hardware and Upgraded Power System. This hull is one of the most widely raced hulls in the USA. Winning many races across the country.


  • Fiberglass hull for light weight and high strength.
  • Hobbywing SeaKing 180amp esc for reliable performance and waterproof.
  • TFL SSS 3074-V2 2075KV Brushless Motor
  • TFL Stinger Drive with adjustable angle
  • Metal 42mm copper propeller
  • 4.76mm Propeller Shaft
  • ARTR (almost ready to run)
  • Fiberglass battery tray

Hull Specifications

  • Length: 820mm
  • Width: 240mm
  • Height: 80mm

TFL Hobbywing Seaking 180A V3 Specifications

  • Excellent waterproof design (rates as IP 67) allows this ESC to work in water without any extra precautions;
  • High quality components have very strong over-current withstanding capabilities;
  • Patented Copper Heat Conduction technology and high-efficiency water cooling system can easily dissipate the heat produced in operation under high load;
  • The special firmware designed for RC boats can make the acceleration punchier and the sailing more stable;
  • The external Programming Port can connect to the LED Program Box for easily setting the parameters of the ESC
  • Multiple protections like low-voltage cut-off protection, thermal protection and throttle signal loss protection, make the ESC more reliable

Model / SKU

SeaKing-180A-V3/ 30302181011

Cont./Peak Current


Boat Applicable

Boat length < 130cm

Input /

2-6S Lipo

BEC Type / BEC Output

Switch Mode /6V/5A

External Programming Port


Water Cooling Pipe 

(Inside / Outside): Ф3.0 / 5.4mm

Input wire


Output wire


Size / Weight

72X48X36.6mm  (Include the Water Cooling Pipe)


TFL SSS 3074-V2 2075KV Specifications

  • Material: Silicon steel, Magnetic steel
  • Maximum Amps: 110A
  • Maximum voltage: 25V
  • Continuous Power: 1400W
  • Maximum Power: 2800W
  • Idle Current: 2.6A
  • Diameter:36mm
  • Length:74mm
  • Shaft diameter:5mm
  • Weight: ~310g
  • Pole: 4P
  • Use for RC Marine Boats


  • 1 x TFL fiberglass Pursuit Hull and Hardware (w/o Power System) Or
  • 1 x TFL fiberglass Pursuit ARTR (Requires steering servo, radio system and battery)