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SkyRC D100NEO Smart Channel Lipo Charger 1-6S LiPo Battery AC100W DC200W UK Plug (2 ports)

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Compact Dual charger with internal power supply

Dual Input/Output: Unleash the Thrill!

Experience the next level of charging with SkyRC D100neo, the latest and upgraded version of D100 charger, packed with innovative features and improved functionality. Featuring two charging ports, SkyRC D100neo delivers a total power of 200W and 10A per port, allowing simultaneous charging of multiple chemistry batteries. With a balance current of 1000mA per cell, it speeds up balancing among battery cells, enhancing the charging process.

The high precision balancer ensures impressive accuracy of ±0.02V, optimizing voltage equalization. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, this charger takes your RC charging to new heights.

Efficient, yet Compact

Outrageous performance is packed through 2 Independent ports in the compact footprint. You can simultaneously charge two RC batteries with two ports, even in different chemistry. Whether you need to power up your RC car or fly a drone, D100neo has you covered!

Despite its small size, the D100neo doesn't compromise on power or efficiency with up to 200W on an output! The charger boasts a vibrant color display featuring a remarkable 76,800 pixels, surpassing the 8,192-pixel black white screen of the D100.

*When powered by DC, the D100neo can output up to 200W of charging power.

Do more with one charger! Multiple Chemistries Go.

With exceptional versatility, D100neo can charge a wide range of battery chemistries. This powerhouse can charge from LiPo and LiFe to Li-ion, LiHV, Pb, NiMH, and NiCd. You are turbocharging your time with a single charger that can handle multiple battery types. Whether you're an RC guru, a beginner, or somewhere in between, D100neo is the reliable and adaptable choice that ensures optimal performance for all your batteries. Unlock the full potential of your battery arsenal with D100neo – versatility multiplied capability.

Dual AC/DC Input

D100neo is designed to provide RC enthusiasts unparalleled flexibility in the garage or out in the field. With dual port input, you have the freedom to choose between AC or DC input based on your specific scenarios.

In AC mode, the charging power reaches an impressive overall 100W, dynamically distributing to each port.

When powered by DC, the charger unleashes its true potential, offering an astounding overall 200W of charging power. With a single port capable of reaching up to 100W, you can power up your batteries with remarkable speed and precision.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned RC guru engaging in racing, D100neo ensures efficient charging and optimal performance for your RC batteries.

Unmatched Charging, Impressive Discharging

This cutting-edge device not only offers efficient charging but also provides impressive discharging functionality. The built-in balance port enables D100neo to discharge faster, allowing it to discharge at up to 25W when used in conjunction with the main port. In contrast, the discharge rate when using the main port alone is limited to 5W. Whether you need to prepare your batteries for storage, balance their voltage levels, or safely discharge them after use, the D100neo is there for you!

This advanced discharging feature allows you to maintain the health and longevity of your batteries by precisely controlling the discharge process.

Smart Power Distribution - Efficiency Redefined

When a single port is in use, the D100neo will provide maximum power output to that specific port. The charging power is distributed dynamically and intelligently when all two ports are simultaneously in use. Once a particular port has completed its charging task, the remaining port will receive increased power for faster charging. This intelligent and efficient allocation of power ensures optimal utilization at all times. The charging capabilities of the D100neo are highly flexible, allowing for versatile charging options.

So. Pro. Digital Power

D100neo excels not only in charging, but also as a versatile dual-output digital power supply. With just a few clicks on the menu, D100neo offers a voltage option, from 2V to 27V, with an adjustable increment of 0.1V. Additionally, the current can be adjusted from 0.2A to 10A, with a precision of 0.1A. This dual-output digital DC power supply provides two independently controllable power outputs, making it a versatile tool for various electronic testing and prototyping applications.

Balancing batteries made quick and easy

By connecting the balance port, the D100neo transforms into a versatile battery checker capable of measuring cell voltage and balancing various battery types such as LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and LiIon. Instantly, you can view the overall voltage and individual cell voltages, helping determine whether the battery is charged, discharged, or balanced.

LiPo batteries are well-known for their high energy density and lightweight nature, making proper care and monitoring essential for safety and longevity. With this functionality, the D100neo acts as a reliable safeguard for your RC batteries.

20W PD 3.0 Port Energize with Rapid Power Delivery!

With the 20W USB-C PD 3.0 charging port, our RC players can enjoy rapid charging speeds like never before. Whether you're charging your smartphones, tablets, or 2020 MacBook Airs, this powerful port ensures that you can fuel up your devices in a fraction of the time.

Cool charging

Within the sleek enclosure lies a groundbreaking thermal system designed to let Arm Cortex-M4 fly through heavy workloads at screaming-fast speeds — and stay whisper quiet. The fan will adjust the speed accordingly and dissipate heat more effectively according to the different power usage.

Charge in your language

ColorX is designed to be easily localized and comfortably engaged. The interface is currently available in English, Dutch, Chinese, French and Japanese*. Users can easily change the language with simple clicks so that they can charge in the most comfortable language. (*More languages will be released by time!)

Scroll to Control: Designed For Productivity

This charger is engineered for performance and productivity. Say goodbye to the mundane buttons, as we've revolutionized the charging experience by introducing a precision aluminum scrolling wheel. This innovative feature not only adds a touch of comfort and style but also takes your productivity to new heights. More than just a wheel! An exclusive upgrade for a top-of-the-line charging experience is added for RC gurus!

ColorX: Easy to charge, Easy on eyes.

Get ready to be captivated by the sleek and modern ColorX interface by D100neo. The tailor-designed light cyan and green color scheme is optimized specifically for RC charging, which helps you focus on the setting. The Web 2.0 style, responsive menu, and well-designed icons make the operation more suitable for players accustomed to operating smartphones! Time to say bye-bye to old-school typography and welcome the bold and beautiful brand-new UI. Charging doesn't have to be boring, and neither does life!

Seamlessly Connect, Effortlessly Upgrade!

Effortlessly connect your D100neo to your PC or Mac via the versatile Type-C port. With Charger Master, take full control and enhance your charging experience. Customize charging rates, monitor battery health, and optimize performance for longer battery life. Upgrade with ease using the app. Enjoy a fast and reliable upgrade process to enhance your charger's capabilities. Stay connected, stay updated, and enjoy a happier charging experience.


  • 1x SKYRC D100neo Charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x AC Power Cord