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Chassis StructureIn 2024, RGT will launch a total new 1/10 scale RTR crawler - Intruder, item number: EX86020. Basing on 285 wheelbase platform, Invader is a realistic two-door climbing off-road vehicle, and its solid body structure and classic appearance reflected the design positioning. The chassis uses split transmission structure, four-wheel drive system, motor-mounted-in-front, and lower centre of gravity. The steering servo-mounted-on-axle shaft matched with Panhard bar, positive Ackerman steering angle, 3MM CNC aluminium alloy chassis rail, steel solid link bar, all-vehicle bearing and CNC steel spiral big gear. Invader has pure climbing performance and great modification space. "Invader" refers to the appearance design of Toyota LC71, added with interior decoration, factory standard spare tire, multi-mode linkage LED light control, "Flysky" 6-channel crawler special 2.4G remote controller and 60A ESC.



·       Intruder uses PC soft body shell material (LC71 appearance), realistic interior decoration, and environmental protection spray paint with transparent windows, hidden body post, and plastic decorative accessories such as realistic lights, rear view mirrors and door handles.

·       3MM CNC aluminium alloy chassis rail.

·       Integral straight axle in front and rear, front axle comes with caster angle.

·       Front-drive steering driveshaft, use steel #1144 CVA.

·       46° steering angle and positive Ackerman angle.

·       Servo mounted on axle, 25T metal servo arm.

·       Low centre of gravity with slip reducer, all metal gears with #45 steel reduction shaft.

·       The front and rear axles use CNC steel spiral gear for greater durability, which can raise up the front and rear driveshaft and make the chassis of the car have better pass ability.

·       Reverse transmission equipped with high-quality bearings with sealed cover, effectively reduces shaft effects.

·       6mm diameter solid metal 8 connecting rod structure.

·       The ball joint of the linkage rod uses reinforced nylon material made of a new formula, which is more resistant to friction and deformation.

·       The suspension system adopts a CNC aluminium alloy twisted hydraulic shock absorber, which brings more convenient damping adjustment.

·       The wheels are made of butyl rubber, installed with 115mm diameter MT tires, coming with a 1.9-inch wheel hub for better climbing grip and more realistic.

·       Equipped with winch servo installation position.

·       Equipped with two battery tray installation positions, suitable for different battery sizes.

·       Hidden body shell latch design, add body shell latch fixed buckle to prevent fall and loss.

·       Available in RTR version, equipped with 35T RC550 super torque motor, 2-in-1 60A waterproof ESC, 6-channel 2.4G remote controller.



·       Scale: 1/10

·       Drive Mode: 4WD

·       Length 525mm * Width 245mm * Height 265mm

·       Wheelbase: 285mm

·       Clearance: 75mm (Chassis), 40mm (Axle)

·       Breakover 31°, Approach 51°, Departure 47°

·       Wheel: 1.9”/115*42mm

·       Weight: 2.98kg

·       Radio: 2.4G/6CH

·       ESC/RX: 60A 2-in-1

·       Steering Servo: Digit Metal Gear 25kg

·       Motor: 6235-RC550/35T

·       Battery: 2S Lipo 7.4v 2000Mah

·       Gift box size: 580*275*305mm

·       Body type: PC soft

·       Colour: Red



·       1X RC Car

·       1X Car Battery

·       1X Remote Controller

·       1X Manual

·       1X Charger