RGT EX86190 1/10 Rescuer LC76 4WD Off-Road Crawler RTR Black

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RGT Team launched a new realistic crawler, named “RESCUER”, item number- EX86190. As is well known, this is a classic practical off-road vehicle, the living fossil, and a real hard-core R/C off-road vehicle LC76. It becomes the military vehicle in Africa, Australia, and many countries and regions in the Middle East, due to its stable mechanical performance. Because of the excellent off-road performance, it is known as the real king of off-road vehicles and still works all over the world.

RESCUER has a powerful chassis frame, 324mm wheelbase front-rear portal axle design, two-stage transmission with torque adjustment, mechanical positive and negative adjustable transmission combination, front and rear integrated gearbox, and front and rear lock differential. So, RESCUER shows strong adaptability in complex terrain. Equipped with powder metal gear in the whole vehicle, negative pressure shock absorber, high-quality bearing with sealing cover, CVD metal drive shaft, integrated metal chassis rail, etc. RESCUER could handle various emergencies, although the configuration is not the top.


  • The front and rear integrated bridge box have a portal bridge structure, that is, a reduction gear is added between the wheel and the axle. In addition to increasing the height of the car's ground clearance, it can also reduce the load of the car's gearbox, thereby improving the car's passing performance.
  • The front and rear axles are equipped with metal tooth differentials and equipped with a front and rear independent differential lock design. The differential lock function is conducive to the convenience of the car in different driving environments and to get rid of the predicament in harsh conditions
  • The double-tube liquid negative pressure shock absorber, that is, the shock absorber with reverse tension function, can better balance the shock absorber's telescopic stroke and protect the service life of the shock absorber.
  • The front design of motor and transmission, split-reverse structure with the high and low-speed two-stage transmission, torque adjustment, and overload protection. The central transfer case adds a set of forward and reverse gear sets design, which is suitable for the modification and use of different models in the market.
  • The gears of the whole vehicle transmission system adopt high-strength powder alloy gears and high-quality bearings with sealing covers, which can better reduce the efficiency of shaft transmission and the problem of tooth sweeping under the condition of super resistance load.
  • The front hood can be opened, and a V8 engine exterior trim is added under the hood to hide the car's motor and steering gear, making the overall appearance of the car more beautifully simulated.
  • The front and rear bumpers are made of artificial plastic parts with concealed car shell pillar holes, plus front and rear fog lights, fenders, reserved LED lights, winches, decoupling, and other modification designs
  • The steering shaft adopts a high-position pull rod rotation angle and thrust rod, positive Ackerman angle, and high-precision CVD structure metal half shaft, which can realize a super large steering angle of 48-50?
  • The integrated board independent light control system makes the light wire connection more concise and easy to operate. The vehicle light control standard is equipped with headlights, front and rear turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights.
  • RESCUER will face consumers in the form of RTR, equipped with 17T RC550 super torque motor, Hobbywing WP-1060 metal gear climbing car special waterproof ESC, 25KG all-metal gear waterproof steering gear, ESC can support 2 -3S lithium battery mode, and a 6-channel remote control specially designed for this car.


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Weight: 3.56 kg (without battery)
  • Battery (Recommendations): 2S ~ 3S Lipo or 7.2V NiMH
  • Gear ratio 26.6:1 (high speed), 50.4:1 (low speed)
  • Motor: RC550-8520
  • Number of Servos : 4P
  • Steering Servo: 25KG Metal gear
  • ESC: Hobbywing WP-1060 60A
  • Diff quantity: Steel 3p
  • Remote control & Receiver: 2.4G 6CH
  • Wheelbase: 324mm
  • Length: 582mm
  • Width: 248mm
  • Height :70mm (chassis) 54mm (bridge box)
  • Wheels (diameter/width): 120/45mm


  • 1 x RGT EX86190 1/10 Rescuer LC76 4WD Off-Road Crawler RTR Black
  • 1 x Lipo Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual