GEMFAN Hurricane 51466 V2 5 Inch Durable 3-Blade Propeller 2 pairs

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  • Get ready to race with Gemfan's Hurricane 51466 Durable 3-Blade Propeller.
  • The 51466 Hurricane series was designed for agile flight at high speed with its incredibly low weight at just over 4g.
  • Even though it's light, the Hurricane is incredibly durable. Even if you bend a prop, there is a good chance you can bend it back and get back to flying.
  • The V2 provides a much better grip and smoother flight characteristics. Ideal for freestyling and racing!


  • Brand Name: Gemfan
  • Item Name:  51466 5 Inch Durable 3-Blade Propeller 
  • Model: Hurricane 51466 V2
  • Size: 51
  • Gradient: 46.6
  • Blades: 3 blades
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Mounting: 5mm center hole and PoPo compatible
  • Quantity: 2 CW & 2 CCW


  • 2x Hurricane 51466 Propeller CW
  • 2x Hurricane 51466 Propeller CCW