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Gemfan Carbon Fiber Nylon Propeller 7038 8045 9047 1045 for RC MultiRotor (2 pc pack)

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GEMFAN Carbon fibre nylon is a composite of carbon fibre and nylon. On the basis of the properties of nylon, carbon fibre with high rigidity is added. It inherits the advantages of carbon fibre, such as high hardness, not easy to deform under stress, strong bearing capacity and excellent dynamic balance.


  • Good balance performance – This series of propellers have good balancing performance and can greatly reduce flight noise. Improve efficiency. Especially suitable for multi-rotor aircraft.
  • More Efficient - Under high load, the propeller is not easy to deform and has strong bearing capacity.
  • Higher Intensity – Carbon fiber and nylon composite, the strength is three times that of ordinary nylon paddle. It is not easy to deform under force, has strong bearing capacity, and excellent dynamic balance.
  • There is CW and CCW.


  • Gemfan Carbon Fibre Nylon Propeller x 2
  • Adaptor rings set x 2