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Flysky Noble NB4+ 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 Ultra Low Latency Radio Transmitter HVGA 3.5" Full Colors Touch Screen with FGr4S RC Receiver for RC Car Boat

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Flysky Noble NB4+ 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 Ultra Low Latency Radio Transmitter HVGA 3.5" Full Colors Touch Screen with FGr4S RC Receiver for RC Car Boat


The FlySky Noble NB4+ is a feature-rich and powerful remote control for the RC car and boat sector. Equipped with the third generation 2.4GHz AFHDS-3 protocol and in conjunction with the included FGr4S receiver, the NB4+ is suitable as a modern solution for use in teacher-student situations, among other things. The simple operation and clear menu navigation via the touchscreen display makes it easier for even beginners to get started with controlling remote-controlled models. The transmitter features a 2CH (Ultra-fast) mode that ensures low latency, allowing users to have the most precise control possible - even in the most critical moments. The 3.5 inch display has been significantly redesigned compared to the regular NB4 and now impresses with a really powerful use of contrast and brightness, which makes the NB4+ ideal for outdoor use. Even when the sun shines directly on the screen, everything can be read clearly. The built-in USB-C input is also new, replacing the previously used micro-USB port. Not only does this enable the helpful trainer mode for interactive flight training, but a head tracking device can now be connected to the NB4+ to experience the excitement and pure speed in front of Your own eyes.


Noble NB4+ Transmitter Features:


Extremely fast responses, world champions recommended choice. The 2CH (Ultra-fast) Mode, ultra-low latency, allows users to precisely control responses in every critical moment and place themselves at the peak. This isn't just any remote; it's the undisputed choice of world champions!


High-brightness outdoor display, easily check under the sun. The 3.5-inch 320*480 resolution IPS high-brightness outdoor display can be used under strong outdoor light, and its dazzling brightness cannot be conquered even by the limits of sunlight.


3450mAh large capacity battery, easily copes of RC marathons.

The NB4+ controller features a "Quick-Release" internal battery design, equipped with a standard large-capacity, high-quality 18650 battery. With a charging base, it can achieve over ten hours of ultra-long endurance, even in the face of RC marathons.


Brand new Type-C port which includes two hidden features. The data interface is optimized by the USB Type-C interface, which is more stable in connection and more versatile. Not only does it support training mode, where dual-ended Type-C data cables enable interactive teaching, but it also supports head tracking functionality. By connecting a head tracking device via the dedicated cable, users can experience the speed and excitement of real life. The training mode helps users pass on skills effortlessly, while the head tracking functionality immerses users in the action.


New customized channels function, easily check real-time data. The function of customizing channel names is added, which makes display more intuitive and allows users to easily understand the function of each channel in real-time.


Supports all ibus2 products, bringing you convenient experience. NB4+ supports the entire series of FlySky i-BUS2 devices. It supports remote parameter adjustment at the transmitter end, with multiple parameters adjustable to meet various usage demands.


Brand new colourful Ul The brand-new colourful Ul design allows for customizable theme and wallpaper changes, enabling users to create their own unique style and bid farewell to the era of monotonous black-and-white screens.


Noble NB4+ Transmitter Specifications:

·       Model: Noble NB4+

·       Number of channels: 8

·       Wireless frequency: 2.4GHZISM

·       Transmit power: <20dBm

·       Wireless standard: AFHDS 3

·       Low voltage alarm: <3.65V

·       Data output: USBType-C

·       Charging interface: USBType-C

·       Antenna type: built-in single antenna

·       Display: 3.5-inch 320*480 full dot matrix color IPS touch highlight display

·       Channel resolution: 4096

·       Input power supply: 1S (4.35V)*4300mAh lithium polymer battery + 3450mA18650 battery

·       Remote control distance: >300m (Ground distance without interference)

·       Online update: support

·       Temperature range: -10°C~+60°C

·       Humidity range: 20%~95%

·       Appearance color: black

·       Compatible receivers: All AFHDS 3 protocol receivers

·       Suitable models: cars, boats

·       Overall dimensions: 131.41*115.95*190.56mm

·       Weight: 520g

·       Safety certification: CE, SRRC, FCCID: 2A2UNNB4PLUS00, MIC, RCM


FGr4S V2 2.4GHz Receiver Specifications:

·       Model: FGr4S

·       Channels: 4

·       Model Type: Car/Boat

·       Data Output: PWM/i-BUS/PPM 

·       Frequency Range: 2.402-2.480GHZ 

·       Transmission Power: <20dBm(EU) 

·       RF Standard: AFHDS3 

·       Antenna: Built-in Antenna 

·       Input Power: 3.5V 8.4V 

·       Display: LED Indicator

·       Online Update: Yes 

·       CH 1-CH 4: Connects the servos, power supply

·       Other components:

·       i-BUS: for channel expansion

·       BIND: For bind cable

·       Certification: CE, FCC ID: N4ZFGRS400 



To ensure good signal strength, make sure the receiver antenna is as far away from any metal parts when installing the receiver

1.      Insert the bind cable into the receivers BIND port;

2.      Plug the power cable into any other port, and the receiver's LED will start to flash quickly indicating that it has entered bind mode.

3.      Put the transmitter into bind mode; (See the transmitter's instruction manual for more information

4.      Binding is successful when the receiver's LED starts to flash slowly. Remove the power and bind cables from the receiver. If the transmitter is bidirectional the receiver status indicator will not flash slowly

5.      Reconnect the power cable to the receiver

6.      Check to make sure that the transmitter and receiver are working as expected, if there are any issues or unexpected operation follow the steps above to bind again



·       1x Noble NB4+ Transmitter (with battery)

·       1x FGr4S Receiver