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EMAX ES9251 II (4g) Digital Plastic Gear Servo

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  • Brand Name: Emax
  • Type: EMAX ES9251 II
  • Operating Voltage:5~6.0V
  • STD  Direction
  • Counter  Clockwise  /  Pulse  Traveling  1500  to  1900usec
  • Stall  Torque: 4.8V  0.27
  • Operating  Speed: 4.8V  0.08  Sec/60° at  no  load
  • Size: 18.02*7.91*16.8  mm
  • Weight: 4g
  • Plug Available:FUT; JR
  • Other: Digital, Plastics
  • Usage: For RC Airplane,RC Aircraft,RC Glider, RC Helicopter


  • 1x EMAX ES9251 II Servo  
  • 1x Control Horn Set
  • 1x Screw Set