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TFL 523B63-S Fully adjustable 40mm diameter motor mount with carbon stands

Hobby Square Singapore

Regular price $45.00

  • This is for mounting a motor on a flat surface, for example riggers, cats and hydros. The higher fiberglass stands allow more clearance for the water jacket. Sliding rear mount allows for many length motors and water jackets.
  • Fits 40mm diameter motors that are 60mm or longer in length. 4082 and 4092 brushless Motors.
  • Angle is adjustable to allow straight alignment with flex cable.
  • The anodized aluminum mounting plate with extended fiberglass mounting stands to distribute the weight of the motor over a larger area for added strength. The mounting plates that have holes drilled in the bottom to allow epoxy to flow into them to make a superior bond to the hull.
  • Requires you to provide motor mounting screws.