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TFL 523B67 40 Series Adjustable Motor Mount

Hobby Square Singapore

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  • Fits 40mm diameter motors that are 60mm or longer in length.
    Rear motor clamp helps carry the weight of the heavier/longer 40mm motors.  Angle is adjustable to allow straight alignment with propeller cable.

    The anodized aluminum mounting plate with extended Carbon fibre mounting stands to distribute the weight of the motor over a larger area for added strength. The mounting plates that have holes drilled in the bottom to allow epoxy to flow into them to make a superior bond to the hull. This mount can will fit a vee bottom or similar hull. It will require modifying to fita flat mounting area like a rigger or hydro.

    Fits most 40mm motors that are 60mm or longer. 4082 4092

    Up to 50mm long water jacket can be used with 74mm & 82mm long motors.
    Up to 68mm long water jacket can be used with 92mm long motors.

    Total width of 58mm including the mounting stands.
    Metal center mounts measure 54mm wide.
    Comes with mount only.