HGLRC KRATOS 1S 450MAH 80C FPV Drone Tinywhoop Lipo Battery

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  • Model: HGLRC 1S 450MAH 80C
  • Ultra-light weight, small volume battery. Suitable for all kinds of small aircraft power batteries. A product battery quality is stable, long service life.

Item name: HGLRC 1S 450mAh 80c

  • Rated capacity:450mAh
  • Rated voltage:3.8V
  • Actual weight:13.9g
  • Discharge rate:80C
  • Discharge plug:jst-ph2.0
  • Combination method:1S1P
  • Charge Rate:1-5C Recommended
  • Product size:60*18*7.5mm 


  • 1 x HGLRC 1S 450mAh 80C


1.Always keep the battery away from flammable objects.
2.1C is recommended. Don't charge above 2C.
3.Don't disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells.
4.Improper use, such as overcharging, over discharging or short circuiting, can cause an explosion or burn.
5.Keep the battery out of the reach of babies or children.

The above description of improper use may be dangerous, and the user shall be fully responsible for the consequences of improper use.