HengLong Customized Version Upgraded FULL Metal German Tiger I 3818 Pro RTR 1/16 RC Tank

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This is the Professional 7.1 Edition and are equipped with

  • 7.1 (Latest) version transmitter system
  • Firmware upgraded - more responsive
  • Infrared Battle System &
  • BB Shoot
  • Adjustable Tracks Tension
  • Metal Rock Arm
  • Steel Gear Box - More wear-resistant, service life multiplied
  • Metal Caterpillar Tracks
  • Metal Driving Wheels
  • Metal Idler Wheels
  • Metal Road Wheels
  • Complete Bearing
  • Cannon Recoil
  • Protective rubber wheel skin 
  • Canon barrel smoke emission

  • Special bearing support for the turret to achieve 360 degree magic rub rotation

The turret steering device adopts 4 bearings for support and coordinates with electric pulley to realize the turret to rotate 360 degree without friction and dead angle, which greatly extends the service life. 

  • Torsion bar inverse suspension design

The twist is twisted by swinging arms, and the left and right swinging arms are arranged in opposite directions. Twists are staggered. Load wheels are staggered and overlapped, which can still keep left and right symmetry. The posture is beautiful through all kinds of complex terrain. 

  • Adjustable induction wheel fixing seat. The tightness of the track can be adjusted freely.
  • Fully sealed metal driven wave box.

 All transmissions of the wave box are supported by bearings for more accurate operation and longer service life. 

  • Add metal clapboard and upgrade the reconstruction space

A layer of metal partition is added to the chassis to raise the position of electronics devices and improve the waterproofing of the tank, so as to leave enough space for subsequent upgrade and transformation. More protection with multiple torsion bars under the vehicle.


  • Product Size: 52.8 X 23.1 X18.3 cm
  • Rechargeable battery: 7.4v-7000mAh Lipo Battery
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz (Improved remote control system)
  • Battery for the controller excluded: 8pcs of "AA"size
  • 6m/m Ball bullet: 80~100pcs.
  • firing Range of Motor Air Gun: Appr.25m(With hop-up system)
  • Gun shell:6mm BB shell Load of shells:Aprr.40 shells
  • Max side Turning Angel of Turret (left/right) Aprr.360 degree.
  • Max Vertical Turning Angel of Gun (up/down) Appr.20 degree.
  • Max Climbing Gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) Apr.35 degree
  • High speed forward- backward- spin- shoot BB bullets.
  • The barrel moves up and down 30.
  • The turret turns 360 emulation music and action effect.
  • Full scale R/C function - Realistic suspension system.
  • Full Scale R/C function - Simulative motor start-up sound. Engine sound- Machine-gun sound. Cannonball sound.
  • Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Playing time:30-40 minutes


  • 1 X RC Tank (Upgraded with 7.1Features)
  • 1 X 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 1 X Lipo Battery
  • 1 X Lipo Charger
  • 1 X BB Bullets
  • 1 X Aerosol Smoke
  • 1 X Tank Accessories
  • 1 X Manual
  • 1 X Aluminum Case