Frsky D8/D16 Receiver

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XR502 is designed for FPV flight specially, integrated 13dBm LNA and dual antenna can make working range farther and signal stronger. There are 4 versions for this series receivers that can be used on any flight control boards.

  • Super small size(10.0*14.2*2.0mm); 
  • Super light(0.65g); 
  • With built-in 13dBm LNA; 
  • Dual antenna; 
  • Can be used on any flight control boards; 
  • Dual antenna can be bent in any direction and no broken; 
  • Support RSSI output; 
  • Support SBUS output and PPM(22ms) out put at the same time; 
  • F version supports mixture protocol(D8 and D16); 

Binding operation:   Press the binding switch after XR6OO receiver is powered, it enters binding mode after 2 seconds when the slow flashing red LED turns to fast blinking. Then bind the receiver according to the transmitter manual. When the fast blinking red LED turns to solid bright, it indicates binding is successful.  

Variable RF Link technology  Variable RF Link technology: When the receiver is too close to radio(remote control), normally RF signal will be blocked and meanwhile lose control happens, Variable RF Link is born for solving the problem! As soon as Variable RF Link finds that the receiver is coming close to radio, it will adjust LNA gain and PA output power lower to avoid short distance control failure automatically; When Variable RF Link detects that the receiver is going far away from radio, it will adjust LNA gain and PA output power higher to increase RX's working range automatically.   


Two ways for RSSI signal output: 

1) SBUS signal: RSSI signal output is on the No.16 channel(AUX12) of SBUS; 

2) PPM signal: RSSI signal output is on the No.9 channel of PPM;

Mixture protocol(only for XR502-F version):   XR502-F version can support both D8 and D16 FrSky protocol, customer can decide which one they would like to use while binding.  The constant bright blue LED, binding is succeed indicating RX is with D16 protocol; If the blue LED is off and binding is succeed indicating RX is with D8 protocol.


  • Protocol: FrSky D8/D16 (Can bind with Radiomaster, FrSky, Jumper)
  • Size(mm): 10*14.2*2
  • Antenna: Dual
  • RSSI: Yes
  • SBUS: Yes (16 Channel)
  • PPM: Yes (9 Channel)


  • 1x Frsky D8/D16 Receiver