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2212 1400KV Brushless Motor For RC Airplane Quadcopter (4 pcs)


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This is a brushless outrunner 1400kv motor specifically made for quadcopters and multirotor. 1400kv motors are perfect for medium size quadcopters with 8 inch to 10 inch propellers. Use this to build powerful and efficient quadcopters.

This 2212 1400KV brushless motor is equipped with the solid metal case which makes it reliable and durable. It also comes with the pre-soldered good quality connector for a fast and direct connection between ESC and the motor.


  • Lightweight design makes them suitable for a wide range of Quadcopter and Hexacopter Frames.
  • Compact size.
  • Offers great performance and value for money.
  • Smooth throttle response for best RC experience. 


  • Model: 2212
  • Motor KV (RPM/V): 1400
  • LiPo Batteries: 2 – 3S
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17
  • Length (mm): ~30 / ~43 with shaft
  • Width (mm): ~28
  • Weight (gm): ~50
  • Minimum ESC Specification: >20Amp
  • Thrust @ 3S with 1045 propeller: ~1000gms
  • Thrust @ 3S with 9047 propeller: ~650gms
  • Thrust @ 3S with 8045 propeller: ~550gms 


  • 4 x A2212 Brushless Outrunner Motor with Propeller Adaptor, Motor Mount, Mounting Screws