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RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)

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  • RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)
  • RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)
  • RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)
  • RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)
  • RC Logger OSD Module (RCL20001)




The revolutionary OSD module offers full customizable experience to FPV applications. When connected with sensor modules, the OSD allows real-time overlay of telemetry sensor data onto video signal for instant transmission. It provides absolute freedom for users to personalize the overlay layout via RC Logger Viewer Software or RC Logger Commander Software.


Customizable overlay position of selected telemetry data

Instead of limiting the OSD display to a fixed layout, the OSD module offers you the freedom to customer your preferred overlay layout via the RC Logger Viewer Software. Just drag-and-drop your selected overlay elements onto the simulated screen to the desired position during configuration and you are done!

Selectable overlay style (text or graphics in 10 colors)

In addition to selectable overlay position, the OSD module also provides sets of text or graphical overlay elements in 10 present colors to match your preference for different flying occasions. Different layout settings can be saved and exported / imported for future use with ease.

Home location indication

To help guide your RC model home, Home location can be indicated as OSD elements during flying, showing the angle and distance of your model to the home location. Home position can be set by the function (FN) button before your model takes off.

Extra connectivity for flexible expansion

You can connect the OSD module not only to the RC Logger PRO camera logger, but also to other devices that provide NTSC / PAL AV output. In additional, the OSD module can work with both 5.8 GHz Video transmission and the 2.4 GHz Data transmission simultaneously, meaning that you can enjoy FPV experience as well as having an additional set of monitor for observing telemetry data of the connected sensor modules and buzzer alerts in real-time.


  • Overlay of telemetry sensor data onto video signal for real-time transmission    
  • Freedom to customize preferred overlay layout via RC Logger Viewer Software
  • Choice of preferred telemetry data
  • Choice of text or graphical overlay
  • Free arrangement of overlay position
  • Selectable overlay color (10 preset colors)
  • Import / Export saved layout settings
  • Home location indication
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Supports devices with NTSC/PAL AV output
  • Supported RC Logger devices: RC Logger PRO, 2.4 GHz Data TX Module, 5.8 GHz Video TX Module, GPS Module, Power & RPM Module, Environmental Module, Orientation & G-Force Module


General Specifications

Connections: A/V in (4 pin 2.0 mm I2C port), A/V out (4 pin 2.0 mm I2C port), DC in (Futaba type trigger port), TX/RX connection port, Module connection port (to sensor modules), RC Logger PRO connection port, PC connection port (microUSB)
Video format: NTSC / PAL
Video resolution: 720 x 480

Technical Specifications

Current consumption: Max. 600 mA (without ext. sensor), Max. 1200 mA (with ext. sensor)
Operating temperature: -10 to +60 Celsius
Operating voltage: 4.3 to 6 V/DC
Output power: 3.6 to 6 V/DC, 600 mA
Storage temperature: -20 to +60 Celsius

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 74 x 44 x 12.5 mm