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About Us

Founded by Mr Eddie Chan, a Singaporean and RC Hobbyist for more than 25 years who has accumulated a plethora of experience in his pursuit of technical/technology excellence.

Transforming his vision into reality, Mr Eddie Chan has not looked back on his remarkable career. His passion to help people to realise their dreams in RC flying, has led Hobby Square to where we are now.

We have transformed from our humble beginnings as a small workshop to a decent retail outlet in Singapore and is continually growing. What set us apart from the rest is our Customer Proximity, Excellent Product Quality and Remarkable Technical Expertise, all in a modern retail environment with friendly and relaxing setting.


Our Philosophy 

♦ Share RC technical/technology ideas with customers

♦ Provide a professional and customer-oriented service

♦ Maintain a presence and promote RC hobby worldwide

♦ Make customers feel relaxed and easy at outlet

♦ Constantly embrace innovation to meet our customers’ expectations

  Come and enjoy the Hobby Square experience at our shop!