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HSP 94282 1:16 RC Nitro Powered On-Road Touring Car (Red Cover) - Sold Out!





The HSP-94282 is a mini nitro RC Car with a powerful punch. Small enough for back yard racing but powerful enough to outrun a lot of full scale models!


All the features and more that you would expect from a full size nitro model have been squeezed into this little RC Car. The result is a serious bit of kit for major back garden fun. Mini nitro models have been very popular in the last year since the release the world's first mini nitro model in 2006, because unlike the original sized models you do not need a field or track to race them on.


Have a look at the material, they are made of high quality graphite mixed ABS, this enhances the strength of the car. It is not simply a toy, but a perfect RC vehicle for your entertainment or as a gift. If you want a model that you can race both seriously but also have some fun with at home then this is the model to go for. The model comes fully built with radio equipment included. The only things needed to use are normal AA batteries for the radio equipment, fuel and a glow start kit.


  • 4 Wheel Drive System with 7CXP Engine
  • 6061/T6 2mm Anodized Aluminum Chassis and Radio Tray
  • Solid Front and Rear Shock Tower
  • Sealed Battery and Receiver Box
  • Fully ball Raced
  • Disk Brake System with replaceable pads
  • 45cc Leak Proof Fuel Tank with Overflow pipe and spring loaded fill cover
  • High performance 1/16th scale road tires perfect for on road running
  • Body posts with adjustable heights
  • Four Oil filled aluminum capped shock absorbers
  • High flow dual element air filter
  • Large foam front bumber
  • Powerful front and rear suspension arms for quick response.
  • Fully upgradeable with aluminum parts


  • Length: 265mm
  • Height: 80mm
  • Ground Clearance: 8mm
  • Gear Ratio: 14.1:1
  • Wheel Width: 18mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 49mm
  • Engine: 7CXP
  • Width: 140mm
  • Wheelbase: 174mm


  • 1 x HSP Car Body w/ Motor
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Menu