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KDS 8A UBEC - Sold Out!

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  • KDS 8A UBEC - Sold Out!
  • KDS 8A UBEC - Sold Out!




The 8A-UBEC is an outer type voltage devices which works in switching-mode and gets

direct voltage for receiver and other devices from a 2-3 cells lithium battery pack. It is very

suitable for nitro powered RC helicopter (above 30 class) and big fixed-wing aircraft.

Compared with the UBEC with linear mode, the overall efficiency of the UBEC with Switch

mode is much higher, It can extend the working time of the receiver battery pack and can reduce the heat

emission significantly to avoid the loss of control caused by the over-heat problem which is

frequently happened with the linear mode UBEC.


Although several methods were used for reducing the electromagnetic interference, the

UBEC with switch mode will be still effected inevitably by a small amount of

electromagnetic interference. In order to insure the proper operation of receiver, please

install the filter far away from the UBEC’s main board, and DON’T stack the filter on the

main board. And the UBEC should be far away from the receiver, too.

Only NiMH / NiCd battery pack can be allowed to supply power for the UBEC.

The input polarity must be correct; otherwise the UBEC will be damaged. Please check

the polarity carefully before connecting the battery pack.


Designed with an integrated synchronous rectifier of switch power controlled chip, and

the peak efficiency of the chip reaches 95%.

With the output short-circuit and high-temperature protection function.

Large output current. The continuous output current is up to 8A, and the burst output

current is 15A.

The output wires fixed a special filter which can help to reduce the electromagnetic

interference, and insure proper operation of receiver.


Output: 5V/8A or 6V/8A (Changeable with an output-voltage select switch )

Input: 6V-12.6V (2-3 cells lithium battery pack)

Size: 56mm X 35mm X 11mm (length X width X height)

Weight: 35g

Quiescent current: 50mA