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KDS SMM AVCS 900 Gyro (LCD) (KDS 900 Gyro)

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  • KDS SMM AVCS 900 Gyro (LCD) (KDS 900 Gyro)




AVCS System:
Since rudder drifting caused by wind, or other meteorological factors and different helicopter attitudes will be eliminated automatically, the operation to tail (rudder) will become more easier, making it perfect for 3D flight.

SMM Gyro Sensor:
Use of newly developed extremely low drift SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) gyro sensor virtually eliminates rudder trim changes during flight.
Support broadband and narrowband digital servo.
You can configure 1520uS servos and 760uS servos via setup card.

Remote gain function and mode switching function:
Remote gain function allows sensitivity switching from transmitter, and mode switching function allows AVCS/normal gyro mode switching.

Integrated, compact, and lightweight:
Compact size (23 x 23 x 10mm) and light weight (9g) realized by high density mounting technology.


1)    Control system: digital Proportional Integration  

2)    Sensor: ADI SMM high functions angular velocity sensor           

3)    Working voltage: 4V-6V(DC)                                  

4)    Operating current: 50mA

5)    Working temperature: -10-+45

6)    Dimension: 23mm X 23mm X 10mm 

7)    Weight: 9g