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SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)

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  • SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)
  • SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)
  • SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)
  • SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)
  • SJGD Typhoon (Flybarless System) (SJGD FBL)




●  Using the top-quality and performance of MEMS sensors.
●  Integrated digital Cyclic Ring function.
●  Accurate localization and excellent ability to prevent crosswind.
● Compatible with the following receiver interface types: standard receiver、FUTABA S-BUS、Spektrum Satellite、Jeti、Fasst.
●  Adjust gain of tail rotor and main rotor by TX.
● Tail servo compatibility:
   1520us/333HZ,760us/333HZ,1520us/167HZ,960us/333HZ(Digital servos),
   1520us/71HZ (Analog servos).
●  Swashplate servos compatibility: digital servos and analog servo.
●  Build-in swashplate mixer, include the following five types: MIX-120、MIX-140、MIX-135、H-4、H-1(Mechanical mixer ).
●  Set by LCD program box, simple setup wizard and flight tuning.
●  Suitable for two and multi-blade rotor heads.
●  Designed for from the mini electric to the grade 90 nitro.


Technical details:
● Operating voltage: 4-10 Volts
● Operating current: 70mA
● Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
● Size: 34.8*28.5*14 mm
● Weight: 23.7 g (metal case)
● Spare parts: foam and double-side adhesive tape.