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KDS Ebar V2 Flybarless System (Ebar V2)

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  • KDS Ebar V2 Flybarless System (Ebar V2)
  • KDS Ebar V2 Flybarless System (Ebar V2)
  • KDS Ebar V2 Flybarless System (Ebar V2)
  • KDS Ebar V2 Flybarless System (Ebar V2)




KDS EBAR V2 Flybarless electronic system has an all-aluminum shell to ensure isolation from the body to reduce shock, with the MEMS sensor of top quality, it is designed to apply to all 250 to 700 series of either fuel or electric helicopter which can meet the highest performance expectations.

It has the advantage of not needing to connect to the computer for adjustment, it is set by the factory supplied PPC card so that its all set and very convenient.

Another feature of the KDS EBAR V2 is that it can support the Futaba S.BUS string line to receive the the Spektrum satellite antenna, if you want to connect a conventional receiver, using only two lines, a traditional 3-wire cable, a 1 signal line connection, where now most of the 3-axis gyroscope is using the same practice.


● High-performance 32-bit microcontroller, has superior handling and computing power.

● Built-in high-performance MEMS gyroscope sensor, suitable for all 250 to 700 of fuel or electric helicopter.

● To support traditional 90 degrees and 120, 140 degrees CCPM tilt disk.

● Built-spin correction when the helicopter since the rotating tail machine experience steady at a fixed point on the rotation, will not offset phenomenon.

● Built-in the tail gyro performance equivalent to KDS900, support 760uS narrowband steering gear.

● Set the card without using the computer to set the parameters, supporting very convenient set of parameters.


1)      Input Current: DC 4.8V~9V

2)      Quiescent Current: 50mA

3)      Size: 39x29x14mm

4)      Weight: 21.5g


1)      Instruction Manual x1

2)      Flybarless System x1

3)      PPC x1  Mini 4P Line x1

4)      3P In Line x2

5)      Double Sided Tape x2