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Henglong RC Tank 1:16 British Challenger 2 Ready to Run






The Challenger 2 is the third vehicle of this name, the first being the  A30 Challenger, a Second World Wardesign using the Cromwell tankchassis with a 17-poundergun. The second was the Persian Gulf Warera Challenger 1, which was the British army's main battle tank (MBT) from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s.


The Challenger 2 is equipped with a 120-millimetre (4.7 in) 55-calibrelong L30A1 tank gun, the successor to the L11 gun used on Chieftainand Challenger 1.


The Challenger 2 is one of the most heavily armoured and best protected tanks in the world.The turret and hull are protected by second generation of Chobham armour(also known as Dorchester), the details of which are classified but which is said to be more than twice as strong as steel.



Product Size: 62*23*20CM

Plastic Type: ABS Material: Plastic

Rechargeable battery: 7.4v-1800mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Frequency: 2.4Ghz (Improved remote control system)

Battery for the controller excluded: 8pcs of "AA"size

6m/m Ball bullet: 80~100pcs.

Max.firing Range of Motor Air Gun: Appr.25m(With hop-up system)

Gun shell:6mm BB shell Load of shells:Aprr.40 shells

Max side Turning Angel of Turret (left/right)Aprr.320 degree.

Max Vertical Turning Angel of Gun (up/down) Appr.20 degree.

Max Climbing Gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) Apr.35 degree

High speed forward- backward- spin- shoot BB bullets.

The barrel moves up and down 30.

The turret turns 320 emulation music and action effect.

Full scale R/C function - Realistic suspension system.

Full Scale R/C function - Simulative motor start-up sound. Engine sound- Machine-gun sound. cannonball sound.

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours

Playing time:30-40 minutes


Product Sizeļ¼š 62*23*20CM

Color: Desert Color


  • 1 X RC Tank
  • 1 X 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 1 X 7.4V 1800mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 X Charger
  • 1 X BB Bullets
  • 1 X Aerosol Smoke
  • 1 X Plastic Accessories and Decal
  • 1 X Manual