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Henglong RC Tank 1:16 German Tiger (Metal)





Tiger plan is considered to be started in March 1942 when German armored forces began to specially conceive and design when it comes to the tiger. During the period of 1943 to 1944 of war in Russia, the Tiger has created an impressive record. 

They destroyed a large number of enemy troops and equipment, the Russian tank group is often found in sight in the tiger will lead to all Russian troops to retreat. In north Africa and Italy the tiger had similar success, a huge psychological effect on allied forces. In February 1, 1943 the British captured a complete later, the tiger on the detailed test results to their frustration, they found the tiger has a really excellent shooting platform and very good to protect almost the biggest anti-tank guns and was not easy to be destroyed. Therefore, tiger I tanks became one of the legends of motor vehicles in world war II, its now in a model home, and has become a popular topic for armored enthusiasts and the historians of the second world war. Today in the British museum of Bovington tank only stop had a tiger I tanks, it is of very famous Numbers for 131. With older than today's standards, once in the most powerful, the tiger power machine and weapons are included in the world history, also was collected and the great tiger design.



Forward, high speed forward, backward, high speed backward, spin


Shoot BB bullets with shake, the barrel moves up and down 30°ļ¼Œthe turret turns320


Emulational music and action effect. Full scale r/c function. Change the frequncy yourself, over 1 tank can play at the same time.


Realistic smoking function. Super chassis, realistic suspension system, a realistic commander.

Metal Tracks