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KDS K-7XII 2.4GHz Transmitter with K-8X Receiver - Sold Out! Please consider Walkera Devo 7




● KDS-7XII 2.4GHz CONTROL SYSTEM UNITS ADVANCED ELECTRONIC DEVICE, AND FEATURES WIDE USE. It can support multi-users and multi-equipment  simultaneously, and features quick response, high precision, and strong capability for anti-jamming.

● KDS-7XII 2.4GHz supports one transmitter and several receivers, and makes it possible that single radio can control several models simultaneously.

● KDS-7XII  2.4GHz supports different brand gyro.

● KDS-7XII  2.4GHz reacts quickly and precisely.


● LED display

● 7 models parameters store supported

● Support 5 points throttle(THR) curve on(in) NORMAL mode and IDLE mode.

● Support 5 points pitch(PIT) curve on(in) NORMAL mode, IDLE mode and HOLD mode.

● Support HELI(helicopter) mode and AERO mode.

● Following mode (modes) is (are) supported in each mode:

   HP1: Normal helicopter with 1 servo

   HP2: Swash helicopter with 2 servos

   Hp3: CCPM 120swash helicopter with 3 servos AERO mode

   A/P:Normal aero plane

   V/P;V-tail plane

   D/P:Delta wing plane

● 7 channels standard servo signal output

● 7Dual rate (DR) control supported

● Throttle hold supported。

● Gyro sensitivity adjusting supported

● Beep low voltage warning supported (voltage can be set).

● Down timer relate to throttle

● No signal protection supported.