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RadioLink Upgraded AT9-R9D R9D 2.4GHz 9CH DSSS Receiver For AT9 AT10 Transmitter




  • DSSS technique, super anti-interference
  • RX voltage and signal strength telemetry, extensional sensor for EP, Temperature, RPM, GPS etc.
  • S.BUS. CH9 is set for S.BUS
  • All 9channel needs 3ms to response parallel
  • Section precision 4096, stable the servo, rudder shaking free.
  • HV input up to 10V
  • MINI design for convenient assembling and operating


  • Channel: 9channel, CH9 is for S.BUS
  • Max input voltage: 10V
  • Current: 38-45 mAļ¼ˆVoltage input: 5Vļ¼‰
  • Size: L×W×H=43×24×15
  • Section precision 4096


  • 1x RadioLink AT9-R9D receiver