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Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racing Quadcopter Bind Ready SKH00-280-BR - Sold Out!




Anakin is the new FPV racing quadcopter from Sky Hero in Belgium, designed for first-person racing. Anakin features a unique side-frame design with adjustable arm geometry and motor tilt, so you can fine tune him to your liking.


  • This is the Bind Ready version of Anakin, which includes: -

    • Canopy
    • 4 × 2204 2300kv motors
    • 4 × 20A BLHeli ESCs (housed in the arms)
    • LEDs
    • PCB on which there is a mini OSD, a current sensor, SBUS RSSI
    • 800TVL FPV Camera
    • CC3D Atom flight controller pre-configured
    • Receiver for binding with the Sky Hero Link9 Transmitter (Transmitter not included)
    • Curvy side frames as shown in the photo


    Required to fly: -

    • Suitable transmitter such as the Link9 Sky Hero Transmitter, which is compatible with the included receiver. You can use another radio of course. We recommend using a radio/receiver that supports PPM output for simple connection to the flight controller
    • Suitable battery (3s 1300-2200mAh recommended)


    What battery should I use?

    The recommended battery for the bind-ready Anakin is 3s 1800mAh.

    How is Anakin constructed?
    The Anakin frame is full 3K carbon-fibre with 1.2mm main and side frames and 15mm carbon tube arms.

    Do you stock spare propellers for Anakin?
    Yes, please use the Gemfan 6 X 4.5 propellers with the stock setup. 

    I want to build Anakin myself, is there a kit available?
    YES! Anakin is also available in a kit version, so you can fit all your own gear and build and fly him exactly the way you want!


Arms position
High CG position
(Front tube low + rear tube low)
  • High position C.G.
  • High ground clearance
  • More agressive reactions
  • Better turn in
  • Neutral turn out
Low CG position
(Front tube up + rear tube up)
  • More stable forward flight, stable turn out, slower turn in.

Crossed setup
(Front tube down + rear tube up)
  • Neutral C.G. position
  • 15°angle for mobius camera
  • +15° to FPV camera
  • Lower drag
  • Best overall racing setup
  • Highest speed
  • Most neutral rections
  • Feels more locked in
Camera angle

0. 10° = Flat vision, ideal to start and learn

10. 20° = Perfect 2nd stage FPV experience
Motors angle  

From 0° Neutral reaction, more drag, less speed

To 10° = Yaw efficiency decrease, less drag, more

speed and flight time


Sky hero Anakin Frame, preassembled, Pre-programmed, Factory tested, including the following:
4 x Sky hero Motors 2204-2300kv
4 x Sky hero ESC 20A
4 x propellers 6"
Power distribution board
CC3D flight controller Alubox version, factory programmed.

Sky Hero Anakin 250 FPV