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Walkera Scout X4 – FPV version




- Waypoint Mission Planner / Designated Flight

- Follow Me Mode / Follow Record Track Back to Home

- Real Time Telemetry Monitoring

- Ipad-Holder with Backup Power

- Multi-Purpose Plane, can Change from 4 Motors to 8 Motors

- Flight Time Up to 25 Minutes


Waypoint Mission Planner

 In line accordance with the fact of flight requirements to set airline and flying over the horizon (OTH), total 128 waypoint.


Designated Flight

 Touch mobile screen and set take-off point and destination, it will be under control anytime.


Follow Me Mode

Pre-set the object to follow, no matter wherever it go, the plane will follow it and it won't get lost.


Follow Record Track Back To Home

 According to the pre-set airline, click the back button, the plane will turn back along the route.


Real Time Telemetry Monitoring and Ipad Holder with Back-up Power

Real time telemetry monitoring, using Ipad Holder is compatible with tablet phone, iPad, etc. Back-up power can extend the time of power supply.

Multi Purpose Plane

 Multi Purpose Plane can change from 4 motors to 8 motors to improve the loaded ability.


Flight Time of Up to 25 Minutes

Utilizing advanced high capacity 22.2V 5400mAh Lipo battery. Built in battery charge status monitoring promote safe and convenient flight operations.


GPS Position Hold

 New GPS flight control system featuring more accurate flight and GPS position hold.


Hyper IOC Function

 With the new advanced Intelligent Orientation Control System, the Scout X4 can start and fly in any orientation completely solving pilot "loss of orientation" problems.


Object Round Flight

 The Scout X4 can circle a GPS waypoint.


One Key to Start

 Under the GPS mode, the copter can achieve one key to start and altitude hold, easy and convenient to operate.


One Key to Go Home

Support the "One Key Go Home" function during flying.

Failsafe Return to Home

Advanced RTH protects the aircraft. In the case of loss of control signal, the Scout X4 will automatically attempt to return to its starting position for a safe landing. Advanced GPS systems protect your investment.



Main Rotor Blade Length: 233 mm

Length X Width X Height: 335 X 335 X 275 mm

Weight: 1770g (with Battery)

Flying Weight: <2270g

Transmitter: DEVO F12E

Receiver: DEVO-RX707 (CE) / RX709 (FCC)

Brushless Motor Spec: WK-WS-34-002

Brushless ESC Spec: WST-16AH (R/G)

Multi-Axis Control System: FCS-X4

Battery: 22.2V 5400mAH Lipo

2.4G Bluetooth Data Link: BT-2401A/B (FCC) / BT-2402A/B (CE)

Ground Station: GCS


Comes with


  • 1 X Scout X4 Kit with retractable landing gear, Flight Controller, Receiver, GPS, Motors/ESCs
  • 1 X DEVO F12E (Telemetry Support)
  • 1 X 22.2V 5400mAh Lipo Battery (Plug-and-play)
  • 1 X IMAX B6 Charger Set
  • 1 X G-3D Brushless Gimbal
  • 1 X ILook PLUS Camera (13 million pixels resolution)
  • 1 X Blue-Tooth Ground station Device 


Walkera Scout X4