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V911 Helicopter (Single Blade) (Blue/White Color)




The new V911 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter comes equipped with a 2.4Ghz transmitter so you can bring the fun outdoors!


The lightweight material makes the helicopter a nimble and agile flier.


The V911 is all about making the hobby fun, so it comes with two batteries, and a charger that can charge both at the same time. Charge either through a USB port or through the transmitter itself!


  • Lightweight, almost Crash Proof, excellent for Beginners


  • Flies perfectly, very stable and controllable


  • Simple structure yet excellent performance, easy to repair and fly again and again and again


* Length´╝Ü 223mm

 * Height´╝Ü 81mm

 * Rotor Diameter´╝Ü 189mm

 * Flight Duration´╝Ü ~ 10 minutes

 * Range´╝Ü 50-80m

 * Transmitter requires 6 AA Batteries to operate


* 1 X V911 4-Channel Helicopter

 * 1 X 2.4Ghz Transmitter

 * 2 X 3.7V 120Mah Lithium Polymer Battery

 * 1 X Charger USB Cable

 * 1 X Extra Rotor Blades

WL V911 Single blade 4 channel helicopter