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Hubsan Invader 4CH Fixed Pitch Helicopter - Sold Out!




  • 250 class Fixed Pitch Helicopter


  • Alloy rugged construction withstand from severe crash


  • CNC machined metal rotor head


  • Rudder central Auto-Trimming´╝Ü Land your heli on the ground for 3 seconds and  minimum the throttle, your heli will find the rudder central autonomous.


  • 4-way flip (left, right, forward, backward)


  • TX digital station display can be programmed for two types of management´╝Ü beginner and expert. Within each of these type, it can be programmed different values of sensitivity for each channel, roll, elevator and rudder from 0% to 100% in each mode, allow you to adjust the response sensitivity of the controller to your personal taste, and your level of experience.


* Size´╝Ü 342L * 124H * 63Wmm

* Flying Weight´╝Ü 190g

* Flying Time´╝Ü Around 15 minutes 

* Main rotor´╝Ü 380mm diameter

* Tail rotor´╝Ü 66mm diameter

* Power system´╝Ü 180 main motor * 1,N30 tail rotor * 1 (included)

* Standard transmitter´╝Ü 2.4GHz 4 Channels (included)

* Helicopter battery´╝Ü 7.4V 650mAh LiPo battery with protective PCB (included)

Hubsan 4Ch Fixed Pitch Invader Helicopter